3300 Countryside Circle
Auburn Hills, MI 48326
3300 Countryside Circle
Auburn Hills, MI 48326

Education Schedule

Our Curriculum is based on Funshine Express

Our Curriculum promotes multisensory experiences. Many opportunities are included in our activities that allow children to learn through touch, smell, taste, vision, and hearing. We know that children learn best when information is provided through all the senses.

Our Curriculum also invites exploration and discovery. The activities include open-ended questions to promote thinking and problem solving. When you model curiosity and wonder and encourage divergent thinking, you will be helping children reach new levels of development and deeper understanding of concepts.

2016 - 2017 Themes Letters Numbers Colors Shapes
September Count on Me
Fasten Up
A, B, C 1, 2, 3 Red Circle
October Dinosaur Daze
Capes and Wings
D, E, F 4, 5, 6 Orange
November Happy Harvest
Manners Matter
G, H, I 7, 8 Brown Rectangle
December Kids in the Kitchen
Holiday Hoopla
J, K, L 9, 10 Green Star
January Mitten Magic
Once Upon a Time
M, N, O 11, 12 White Octagon
February Feeling Fantastic
Tropics in Winter
P, Q, R 13, 14 Pink Heart
March Wacky Weeks
Sail Away
S, T, U 15, 16 Blue Rhombus
April Egg-citing Changes
The World of Art
V, W, X 17, 18 Yellow Oval
May Nurture Nature
Bookworms on the Go
Y, Z 19, 20 Purple Square
June Construction Zone
Let’s Go to the Fair
Review Review Review Review
July America the Beautiful
Going Fishing
Review Review Review Review
August Under My Feet
Bubbling Back to School
Review Review Review Review